Civil Air Patrol Portraits

Recently my good friend Andy of Andy John Images  contacted me for some new portraits, emphasizing his role as a Civil Air Patrol aircrew member & photographer. Andy and I know each other originally from our day jobs, but quickly connected over both being wedding photographers. Andy still shoots upscale lifestyle weddings and other work in the DC area, whereas I've decided to move on to other things, photographically.


A 2nd Lieutenant in the National Capital Wing, Andy got us access to the flight line at Davison Army Air Field on Ft Belvoir, just outside of Washington, DC. The Wing keeps their aircraft and facilities at Davison AAF, which is also home to other regular Army aviation units. I thought for sure someone would hassle us being out there near an active runway with all my lighting stands and softboxes and whatnot, but no one even blinked an eye, we had that corner of the pad all to ourselves.


I was definitely fighting the setting sun for these, typical DC traffic held us up getting down there. And with only my model as an assistant, adjusting and tweaking the lighting set-ups didn't happen as fast as Id like. And, yes, I tripped on the SAME tie-dwon cable three times, once almost dropping an Alien Bee. Not fun. I think what I enjoyed most about this shoot was getting to make some very cool photos for a friend combined with shooting portraits of something totally new. Ive always had an interest in aviation so getting to work around even a parked and covered Cessna was fun for me!


I joked with him on this last one that he needed a cape and big red S on his chest...